Serving champagne

Serve the champagne in the correct way

To allow the champagne to develop freely, it is best to use champagne flutes that are slightly wider at the bottom and narrow at the top. These glasses have the advantage that they can absorb the aromas of the champagne well, but at the same time the carbon dioxide does not escape so quickly.

To pour the champagne well, hold the glass at a 45-degree angle. Pour the champagne slowly into the glass. This prevents the champagne from foaming up and overflowing the glass.

Our tip:

Fill the glasses no more than two-thirds full with JEAN CALL Champagne so that the aromas develop optimally in the glass.


The correct uncorking of the bottle

Hold the bottle at an angle and loosen the agraffe. Remove the agraffe and muselet while holding the cork. Hold the bottle so that no one is in the direction of the shot of the cork. Then gently twist the cork out of the neck of the bottle, holding it firmly so that it does not slip away.

Our tip:

Set out the already chilled champagne glasses beforehand so that you can enjoy the JEAN CALL Champagne straight away.


The perfect storage of champagne

The rules on how to store champagne properly are quite simple: quiet, cool and dark. It is best to store champagne at uniformly cool temperatures. The degree Celcius is not decisive, it is much more important that the temperature does not fluctuate – heat is an absolute taste killer.

If you store champagne at too high a temperature, it will accelerate the ageing process and reduce the quality of the wine. If you store at temperatures that are too cool, the wine’s maturation process slows down and these prevent the development of greater complexity.

Our tip:

Don’t store champagne for too long. Just find a nice moment to enjoy our JEAN CALL Champagne.

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