With a great passion for champagne traditions and an eye for excellence, JEAN CALL Champagne is all about the innovative selection of exceptional champagnes.

Always looking for unique palate experiences that meet the high demands of modern gourmets, our sommeliers venture into the world of diverse aromas and nuances of taste.

With their many years of expertise and their feel for the perfect balance between innovation and tradition, they select the champagnes for JEAN CALL Champagne from the best and most exciting cuvées from the family production.

Each hand-picked cuvée represents its own spectrum in the rich cosmos of JEAN CALL Champagne flavours – with unique character and exquisite quality.

JEAN CALL Champagne is an exceptional champagne presented in luxurious bottles. Thus, in elaborate manual work, each individual bottle is refined in a manufactory in several steps, sealed and provided with noble pewter labels.

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